5 Strategies to Eliminate Excessive Eating Intention

Everyone must have felt anxious to consume excessive food and unhealthy. But if you are running weight loss program, these foods make even destroy your diet success.


Therefore, it is important to get the strategy so that you can resist the desire to consume food in excess. Here are some tips that can help you, quoted from Today, Sunday (08/28/2016).

  1. Swap your wishes

Prior to manifest your desires, drink water. While drinking, consider swapping your desire with something more healthy.

Suppose you want pizza, exchange with some vegetable skewers using marinara sauce with a little cheese sprinkled on top. In addition to drinking water, you can also swap the smell of food with food is a favorite.

Research shows that the sniffing of non-food can significantly reduce the desire.

  1. Set the alarm annoying

Set the alarm on your cell phone for 10 minutes after it emerged that attacks your wishes. This is the part that bothers you and put a bad mood, and potentially to eat something unhealthy.

But if the desire is to stop, then you successfully teach yourself to control, as well as letting them pass the time.

  1. Make the reverse psychology

Say to yourself, you can eat anything you want. Psychologically, you want something that is not owned. Instead say to yourself that you can eat chocolate cake if you want but if not you would not be eating it.

Your mindset will be, “If I want to eat it, then I can. If not then it will not.” Use such a mindset to curb gains everything. Research shows the kind of thinking ‘if-then’ scenarios show promise of reducing craving.

  1. Give your wishes in a smart way

If you want something all day, blood sugar level may have been damaged. For that, consume protein every three to four hours for energy throughout the day, stabilize energy levels, mood, and your blood sugar.


Studies have found that eating protein helps maintain blood sugar levels, which reduces the desire to consume sugars and carbohydrates.

Begin to see the signal you want to eat protein. This will get you used to eat right so that your wishes finally subsided altogether.

  1. Stop linking emotions with food

If you crave a celebration with pizza, watch what you are feeling. Could you call someone a friend to share the good news as a celebration?

If you’re eager to consume the food makes you happy, try a positive affirmation that can also make you well.

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