5 Reasons Why Your Diet Fails


Diet is one way to lose weight. For those of you, who wanted to lose weight, would often try different methods of dieting. However, not infrequently diet methods used did not work and even make weight increase.

If that happens, you must have made a mistake when dieting. There are five reasons why diets do actually increase your weight, cited from Cheatsheet, Tuesday (09/27/2016).

  1. You have not done a survey

Gluten-free, Paleo, low-carb and vegetarian are small parts of diet methods that many people follow these days. Some athletes and celebrities also undergo this method. If you do some research or surveys well to the diet method, then you can reach your ideal weight.

If you choose the method that a gluten-free diet or a vegetarian, it does not mean you’re just avoiding the consumption of unhealthy fat-free foods, sugar and calorie-free. Think also about other actions that support these diet methods such as exercise regularly.

  1. You do not eat nutritious foods

If you avoid the main meal, it could increase the risk of malnutrition. Your body still needs nutrients from fat, carbohydrates, and proteins to undergo its function and increase energy. Proper nutrition also helps you stay full.

No carbs and fat simultaneously will make you hungry. It can actually make you eat more to make full, thereby increasing your calorie intake. This is what can make diets fail.

  1. You are fooled by the labels on food

Often, food companies are promoting food products that are healthy, and can make your body slim. Pay attention to food labels properly. For example, on the food label says fat-free, which means that these foods contain large amounts of sugar. The food with the words “sugar free” still contains alcohol sugar which has the same number of calories. Make sure you learn the nutritional value before buying.

  1. Strict diet

Lack of food can actually backfire if you are too strict on diet. If you reject certain foods that contain mainly high heat, you may prefer these foods than ever before. Restricting certain foods can cause a psychological effect that encourages you to eat other foods excessively as a way to satisfy your desires.

Instead, allow yourself to eat calorie food you want but in small amounts. In addition to satisfying the desire, it is also not strain the body’s metabolism because it does not consume enough calories every day.

  1. You do not pay attention to the portion of food

Although you replace your favorite foods with healthier foods, you tend to not pay attention to portions. Be careful, because eating healthy food portions are too large can actually gain weight. Keep in mind, your body needs protein is only 3 ounces per day. However, most people eat steak that weighs 8 ounces.

This includes when you choose a snack of carrots or hummus as a dessert. Be sure not to take it excessively. Calories still calories, it all adds up.

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