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When it comes to talk about weight loss generally will not move away from a balanced lifestyle, ranging from dietary adjustments, exercise regularly, up to hours of sleep daily. Not only that, there are some certain hormones that are closely related to a person’s weight loss process.


Ghrelin hormone

The hormone ghrelin is a type of hormone that plays a role in increasing a person’s appetite. If you’re hungry, this is the hormone that sends hunger signals to the brain. Generally, people will focus on reducing calories alone when we want to go on a diet. Interestingly, a study shows that a low calorie diet for a year and still shows levels of ghrelin, which are quite high.

Interestingly, ghrelin can be reduced by doing intense exercise. So to lose weight does require proper exercise appropriate circuitry and the ability of your body’s health. Second hormone that is closely related to weight loss is insulin. Besides closely associated with blood sugar levels, insulin also plays a role in a period of recovery and muscle building.

When high-carbohydrate foods enter the body, it can help burn fat in the body. And the higher the carbohydrate is consumed the more insulin to be released. This insulin in order to effectively burn fat, consume good carbs are known as the complex, such as vegetables and fruits.

Leptin hormone

The next important hormone is a hormone that plays an important role in regulating body weight is leptin. This hormone is a hormone that plays a role in sending signals to the brain to consume less food and burn more calories. To maximize the sensitivity of leptin, you need to eat healthy foods such as green vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants.

Adiponectin hormone

adiponectinAdiponectin hormone is a type of hormone that helps improve the muscle’s ability to absorb carbohydrates as energy, increase metabolism, maintain weight, and control appetite. To maximize the production of this hormone can be done by moving more actively or replace carbohydrates in your diet with monounsaturated fats such as avocado.


Epinephrine hormones

Epinephrine hormone plays an important role to promote fat burning and helps suppress one’s appetite. Amazingly, the way to activate the hormone is also somewhat interesting, where it can be done with the sport.


This is a hormone that is responsible for triggering the stress experienced by the body. As you know, stress can trigger weight gain. To reduce levels of the hormone cortisol, try to exercise regularly to lose weight so that this hormone can also be controlled.

Thyroid hormone

Thyroid hormone plays an important role in the metabolism that burns fat and distributes energy throughout the body. If you are stressed, malnourished and suffering from inflammation, thyroid hormones number could be decreased. Ultimately, the body has an increased risk of weight gain.

Melatonin hormone

melatoninThe body has a hormone which ‘command’ that you need to rest and sleep, that melatonin. The production of this hormone increases in darker rooms. That is the reason why when you sleep, the lights should be turned off. Melatonin hormone deficiency is often associated with obesity, diabetes, and cancer.


hCG hormone

hcg-hormone-weight-lossThis pregnancy hormone produced shortly after fertilization. This hormone is also necessary to support the growth of the placenta that channels the nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s body to the fetus.

This hormone is produced by Chorionic Villi. When this hormone is produced, the hormone progesterone will also continue to increase in number until the day of 70th. The amount of the hormone progesterone will then be reduced for the remainder of the pregnancy.

This hormone has additional functions that keep the body’s immunity during pregnancy. And this is the hormone that can be used as an indicator of the pregnancy test tools.

When the levels of HCG hormone in urine are increased, a pregnancy test will show two lines indicating positive for pregnancy. However, there is less impact when wearing the HCG hormone levels in high condition, the stomach feels sick and want to throw up, especially in the first trimester where pregnant women often nausea and vomiting.

Some people inject the hormone human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) as supporting low-fat diet and extreme restrictions on carbohydrates. Several others taking HCG drops because it is considered more convenient and effective to use. Try to browse the Internet for recommended HCG drops website and you will find several reviews from the users.

The growth hormone

The main function is to stimulate the growth hormone protein formation. The amount of proteins made determines the strength of muscle, bone, cartilage and tendons. Besides the growth hormone also plays a role in sporting activities. In addition to increasing fat burning, these hormones also limit sugar metabolism. As a result, the sport becomes more effective in reducing fat deposits. Sugar metabolism decreases also make better controlled blood sugar levels, so that the energy level is maintained during exercise.